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Wedding Garters cdg00071



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You can write your special requirements here when you place the order.
For example, add sleeves, no straps, change the sequins& diamond colour, change the collar type, slit in the dress, etc.




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Wedding Garters cdg00071
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  1. Wedding Garters cdg00071 Description

    Fabric : Satin
    Style : Fashion
    Embellishment : Rhinestone
    Color : As Picture
User Photos andReviews
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    By Jacqueline Lewden

    Looks good, but not sure if it's good enough for the wedding day. It's what I expected for the price. I bought it for my cousin as I'm her moh and gave her some presents on her hen night. She can later decide whether she wants to wear it or not. As it was only cheap I could risk it. It's also 'something blue' so thought it's a good idea.

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