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WDresses HPA00041



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You can write your special requirements here when you place the order.
For example, add sleeves, no straps, change the sequins& diamond colour, change the collar type, slit in the dress, etc.




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WDresses HPA00041
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  1. WDresses HPA00041 Description

    Category : Hair Combs
    Material : Alloy
    Gemstone : Imitation Pearl
    Gemstones Colors : Ivory
User Photos andReviews
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    By Heather Jenkins

    This elegant crystal and pearl headdressmade my hairstyle look incredibly amazing. Everyone who attended the wedding ceremony said my hair was lovely

    By Penny Brasher

    Looks good and not cheap looking for the price.. i am using this for my wedding hair next year so its put away till then. Good price.

    By Betsy Trandenkov

    Arrived yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. For the price I cannot believe how pretty it is and how expensive it looks. Would definitely recommend. Ordered this for our little girls 1st communion hair style. Sharon

    By Tetyana Wright

    Love this.made of metal.strong ,heavy good quality.very pleased.really pretty.looks great

    By Atalanta Ottoz

    Very pretty and sweet for a wedding or special occasion hair ornament. Nicely made and very well priced for something as pretty as this, well pleased with it!

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