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WDresses HPA00064



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You can write your special requirements here when you place the order.
For example, add sleeves, no straps, change the sequins& diamond colour, change the collar type, slit in the dress, etc.




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WDresses HPA00064
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  1. WDresses HPA00064 Description

    Category : Headbands
    Material : Alloy
    Gemstone : Imitation Pearl
    Gemstones Colors : Ivory
User Photos andReviews
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    By Erica Halpenny

    Great product. Wore it all night with no problem. Got many comments about the quality

    By Gail Pamich

    Absolutely loved this! would want to wear again and again if i could

    By Theresa McNaughton

    The exact finishing touch I was expecting for my outfit, beautiful headband which glistens and glimmers in any light. Received lots of compliments, nice and comfortable to wear and was in place all day...

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