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WDresses HPA00067



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You can write your special requirements here when you place the order.
For example, add sleeves, no straps, change the sequins& diamond colour, change the collar type, slit in the dress, etc.




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WDresses HPA00067
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  1. WDresses HPA00067 Description

    Category : Headbands
    Material : Alloy
    Gemstone : Imitation Pearl
    Gemstones Colors : Ivory
User Photos andReviews
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    By Vanessa Hodge

    Very happy with the product, leightweight, and comfortable to wear. Beautiful, it's exactly what it looks like on the pictures

    By Hulda Joyner

    This one is so pretty, I love how it makes my face look shining.

    By Daisy Sazanovich

    Very fast postage! beautiful vine.

    By Olga Sotherton

    Oh my word, buy this!!! Very high quality and beautiful design. its a pitty it will only be worn for my wedding day, its beautiful. Really quite impressed with this and the packaging was professional. Originally seen an image of this on instagram on a photographers page and i asked the bride where she purchased the head band as i had seen lots in shops for over £150. This is a bargain and looks amazing on. I cut off the ribbon and will just clip this into position with my hair stylist.

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